Nano Imprint Lithography

Nano ImprintNano Imprint Lithography

Molecular Imprints Imprio 55


The MII Imprio 55 is a nano-imprint lithography tool with proven resolution down to 30 nm. The Imprio 55 utilizes S-FIL, a bi-layer lithography technique in which a low viscosity, UV-curable liquid is dispensed in droplets onto an underlying standard organic planarization layer, enabling imprinting on a wide range of semiconductor device layers. The Imprio 55 utilizes a step-and-repeat process has the flexibility to support up to 8 inch wafers with a low-cost single-size template. Fragile substrates like GaAs, InP, or glass can also be imprinted. The Imprio 55 can imprint up to a 10 mm square field or a 14 mm diameter round field.


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