Optical Lithography







Optical Lithography

Mask Aligner Systems Quintel Q4000 MA and Karl Suss MJB3


These two Mask Alignment Systems are integrated optical-mechanical, pneumatic-electrical systems, which allow accurate alignment of sensitized semiconductor wafers or substrates with a mask and exposes them to ultraviolet radiation to transfer the pattern of the mask to the substrate for further processing in an effort to produce a semiconductor or other microelectronic device.  The Mask Aligners consists of several coordinated, inter- related systems including the substrate loading, holding and unloading system; the mask supporting system; the substrate/mask/scan/align/lock system; the viewing system (microscope and illuminators); and the exposing system.

Lamp Power: 200W
Minimum line resolution: 1 micron
Substrate size: 2” – 4”