CMU researchers can use the NFCF if the follow conditions are met:

  • The NFCF has unique equipment that is needed for the research that the Carnegie Mellon Nanofabrication Facility does not have
  • The NFCF has a piece of equipment that the CMU facility has, but the CMU equipment is out of service or otherwise not available within the time frame necessary for the CMU faculty member to complete the work.
  • The NFCF has a set of related pieces of equipment that are necessary for a sequence of processes that are necessary or even easier to do in one location or at one time. For example, if CMU has “equipment X” and “equipment Z”, but not “equipment Y”, but Pitt has “equipment X”, “equipment Y” and “equipment Z”, there could be acceptable scenarios where a CMU user utilizes “equipment X” and/or “equipment Z” at Pitt even though CMU has these. Such a scenario in this example would be if a certain process requires all three pieces of equipment (or if it is physically easier to conduct an entire process in one location at one time, rather than carrying a sample back and forth between the two locations for example).


  1. You and your PI will complete Attachment B, which can be found on pages 9 and 10. 
  2. Sign and send to the name and address on the form in the CMU Nano Center.
  3. Once you CMU counterparts approve/complete the form, they will send it to Pitt's Office of Research.
  4. After the from is sent, contact to arrange NFCF Orientation and schedule the appropriate device training.