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The NFCF supports nanotechnology innovation by providing easily accessible characterization and fabrication of materials and devices in a single, central location for academic and industrial scientists/researchers.

Here is how to get access to the NFCF and start working! The procedures and forms are different for different types of facility users, so please select below what best represents you:

Internal Users

University of Pittsburgh undergraduate & graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty with a valid account number. Please see the current academic user fee schedule.

External Academic Users

From a U.S. academic institution other than the University of Pittsburgh and non-profit organizations. Please see the current external academic user fee schedule.

Commercial Users

From any commercial institutions. Please see the current commercial user fee schedule.

IP/Confidentiality Statement


The NFCF is a multi-user Characterization and Nanofabrication facility, please review our expectations of all users to ensure the integrity of the facility.