Nanoscience is an emerging field that investigates the phenomena at the nanometer scale of matter to develop materials, devices, and systems, which cannot be achieved in the micro or macro scales. The field of nanoscience and technology has already produced remarkable results in understanding and controlling matter at the molecular levels and is expected to continue to make a tremendous impact.  The potential benefits of nanotechnology are pervasive in virtually all areas including materials, manufacturing, information technologies, healthcare, energy, the environment, and national security. The nanoscience and engineering field is broad in its nature, and many of the challenges that lie ahead require a multidisciplinary approach in research and development. PINSE possesses a broad spectrum of expertise in computation, characterization, and synthesis/fabrication of materials, devices and systems, and forms multidisciplinary teams to tackle the major challenges in nanoscience and engineering.

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Geoffrey Hutchison 

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

ORGANIC ELECTRONIC MATERIALS Our group is creating monolayer and nanoscale transistors of organic semiconductors with designed defects: both in terms of the type and concentration of defects.  The combined experimental and computational research will enable greater understanding of charge transport in molecular materials.  Read More - 

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