Fabrication Online Orientation

Fabrication / Cleanroom Orientation Training is available online for NFCF.

General lab access steps are a prerequisite to this training, please review the steps under section one, here to ensure all prequisites are complete.

This secondary orientation is only necessary if you will be using equipment on the cleanroom side of the NFCF.  

Click here to begin the Fabrication/Cleanroom online orientation.

Please email nfcfadmn@pitt.edu if you are unsure whether the cleanroom equipment access will be needed for your work.  

NFCF Staff will receive an email when you have completed this orientation training.  You will need to obtain a quiz score of at least 80% to pass, at which point NFCF staff will contact you in order to schedule the brief walk-through orientation.  If you have questions about scheduling, you can contact  nfcfadmn@pitt.edu.

Please note: Completion of this fabrication online orientation is required for users who wish to use equipment on the fabrication side of the NFCF lab space. Our Facility and Equipment listing is divided by Characterization and Fabrication for ease of reference, and our staff is happy to help you determine the location of your required equipment as well..  This step is required prior to a fabrication room walk-through orientation and fabrication equipment trainings being requested. 

The next step is obtain and provide your Chemical Hygiene Certificate to NFCF.  You may return to the complete New User instructions overview by clicking here.